Canadian Superstar Justin Bieber, Now Deportable

Canadian superstar, Justin Bieber, is here on a temporary visa. As such, he is a nonimmigrant subject to deportation (or removability) if found in violation of US immigration laws. Recently, there have been a long list of criminal violations allegedly committed by the entertainer. Tthe most recent happened this morning in Miami Beach, Florida,  where he was arrested allegedly for drag racing and failing... (More...)

Charged… and Gone

Devyani Khobragade Indian Diplomat 2013-12-19 11.27.45

As soon as criminal charges were officially filed against the Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, she left for India, and thus avoided... (More...)

Indian Diplomat Charged With Immigration Visa Fraud

The US Attorney’s Office in New York just charged an Indian diplomat at the Indian Consulate in New York with 2 counts of visa... (More...)

Chinese Man Caught In Immigration Marriage Fraud Ring

For  A Green Card

In 2006, Melissa Ann Lewis, an American citizen, in need of money, married 3 men, all in the same year, never divorcing any one of... (More...)

After Visa Fraud Charges, Indian Diplomat Makes a Moves

Devyani Khobragade Indian Diplomat 2013-12-19 11.27.45

Indians are furious after their 39-year-old  female diplomate was arrested and strip-searched despite apologies from Secretary of... (More...)

IMG_3203 Houston, We’ve Got a Problem: Fake Marriages for Green Cards

According to the US Attorney’s Office in Houston, women there are being targeted by mostly West African men to get involved in fake marriages to... (More...)

Screenshot 2014-01-20 13.05.26 Indian Entrepreneur Takes on TV Networks

The TV networks are facing a challenge from entrepreneur and visionary,  Mr. Chet Kanojia, a 43-year-old immigrant from India. He is the co-founder of... (More...)

Screenshot 2013-12-14 14.29.09 South Korean Video Gamer Qualifies For “Athlete” Visa

You don’t have to be the top notch boxer, tennis player or gymnast to qualify for the athlete visa, known in immigration circles as the “P”... (More...)

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